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JKShop takes authentication to the next level by offering a vast amount of innovative tools designed to simplify, optimize, and accelerate the authentication process.

We Like Simple

We took a lot of time questioning clients about their platforms and their main concern was always - authentication. The complexities behind making a secure authentication are sometimes too much to handle. Therefore, we made simplified the process so your business can get up and running.

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Knowing the complexities that come with authentications we built our system as a series of modules that can be installed with one click.

Basic Authentication

The whole point is login, registration, and forgot password, am I right?

Social Logins

A lot of people don't want to create another account.

Two-Factor Authentication

That extra layer of security is vital in today's security.

Captcha Verification

The best way to protect your site from unwanted bot registrations.

Email Alerts

We'll notify your customers if something goes wrong with their account.

Headless CMS

We offer an intuitive way to make your login page as eye-catching as possible.

JKShop Can Help
You Scale Internationally

Having an authentication system that is in compliance with US & GDRP laws can be quite tedious - we got that covered.

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