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  4. Where do I get my hanbot ID for jk aio?
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  6. 在吗        HWID   LOCKE怎么办

  7. I need hanbot user id too for jk... pfff
  8. You will have to contact him on discord.
  9. you require a valid HANBOT subscription in order to use this paid script !!!


    Method 1. (This will not work if an existing key file is already found)
    Copy key to clipboard using Ctrl+C and then load up Hanbot and go into the game it will authenticate you automatically. 

    Method 2. 
    Create a file called AlexisKey.ini in HB3/Leagueoflegends 
    Place key inside file reload game.

    Discord: https://discord.gg/FzbGKvwS4E


    15.00 EUR
  10. Is there a way for SA to inject in CN
  11. Hey i got hanbot for one day. i get the error message with DirectX 11 Detected. I followed both instructions but did not help.
  12. can i use a different payment method beside paypal and bitcoin. currently paypal is down.

  13. cha

    hello , how can i download it\




  14. Hey, I used hanbot like 6 months ago, back then since Kalista still worked. Now it doesn't work, with no script I tested it gets the minions calculation straight (for e damage) just the champions and jungle, and especially since Kalista crashes after 4 seconds saying it couldn't find the function of minion health or something like that. Is it gonna be fixed? Or has someone an idea ?
  15. my league crashes when i inject hanbot, what do i do?

  16. lelsonik

    lol acc eune euw

  17. I accidentally registered another account and bought an SA key but I can't receive it because that account is waiting for its approval,how long should I wait? Who should I contact to accelerate it?
  18. cant load jk thought its free do i need id for it?
  19. same, were do I get the handbot ID?
  20. League of Legends Accounts Shop Cheap Prices All regions League Of Legends Accounts Shop All Categories Included Ranked Section Iron - Diamond Active Section Inactive Section Premium Products Sections All Regions Included Prices: Ranked Accounts - 1.50 - 3,75 Euro Active - 20 - 100 Verified - 1,00 Euro Active - 100 - 140 + Verified 1.50 Euro Inactive 20 - 40 - Verified - 1,00 Euro Inactive 40 - 60 - Verified - 2.00 Euro Inactive 60 - 80 - Verified - 3.00 Euro Inactive 80 - 100 - Verified - 4.00 Euro Inactive 100 - 120 - Verified - 5.00 Euro Ina
  21. it's free, he quit and wont be updating anymore
  22. Do you have a tutorial?
  23. 为什么 购买了K  没看到卡密信息

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