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  3. Outdated version hatası alıyorum. İnjectörüm çalışıyor, bir oyun oynadım ve sonra yeni bir oyuna başladım. Hata almaya başladım. Sorunu nasıl çözebilirim. I am getting an outdated version error. My injector works, I played a game and then started a new game. I started getting errors. How can I solve the problem.
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  5. That means the Antivirus blocked the client, you need to turn off anti virus and redownload hanbot.
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  7. hi guys any fix to this? mine says injector.exe is missing 😞
  8. i need help opening the menu f1 i tried it didnt work 


  9. Bonjour,

    toujours pas recu un mail avec la clé de mon abonnement pour 1 jours LOL

  10. Hello I'm trying to pay with PayPal in the shop but it doesn't work. Error Code: 2x196 / 1. What is the problem ? [11:39] I have already paid 20 times with PayPal and there were no problems
  11. It's your Antivirus, turn it off or make a exception for it https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/4028485/windows-10-add-an-exclusion-to-windows-security
  12. I also get this error and i have already allowed hanbot so bypass my firewall
  13. Download Features: Here

    50.99 EUR
  14. Download Features: Here

    6.79 EUR
  15. You can watch the video about it here > https://streamable.com/iclnft

    13.00 EUR
  16. you require a valid HANBOT subscription in order to use this paid script !!!

    How use: 
    When executing script, two files will be generated in the Shards folder. (Hanbot/league of legends/shards)

    keyInt.txt is where you will put your key.
    Description.txt is used if you have problems executing script. Then you can send me the file so I can analyze the problem

    Int's discord > https://discord.gg/kurVpPG

    4.45 EUR
  17. I think Kornis Tracker has a function which tells you if enemy team is doing baron/drake. I hope this helped. Kindest regards, stinplex
  18. Does hanbot still have baron warrning, where can i find it.
  19. 怎么才可以买到折扣汉宝,或者我需要付出什么?我可以成为汉宝的中国代理吗
    1. hkhkhkjjj


      my key NOT valid

  20. you require a valid HANBOT subscription in order to use this paid script !!!

    ~ How to active Subscription ~~

    1. Go to HanBot/league of legends

    2. Create KornisAIO.txt if not created
    example how it should look


    3. Put inside of .txt file your subscription code

    4. Load in-game with Kornis AIO

    2.10 EUR
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