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Refer Friends and Earn Credit

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Hello JKShop,

Starting today (March 25th, 2020), you will be allowed to refer some of your friends to shop here. After referring your friends, they can make purchases in the store and you will receive credit for the purchase! Here is how it works:

• If User A refers User B AND User B makes a 10 EUR purchase, User A will receive 1 EUR in credit.

• If User A refers User B AND User B makes a 50 EUR purchase, User A will receive 5 EUR in credit.

• If User A refers User B AND User B makes a 100 EUR purchase, User A will receive 10 EUR in credit.

You can access the multiple ways to refer your friends by clicking the Referral link in the navigation bar or use the direct link provided below:



We hope our users take advantage of this and begin to refer some friends!

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