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I will here try to explain how to buy using this store


1. first open the store





2. Once in the store now on the right hand side select the category you wish to browse so you can easily filter out the different options available.




3. In this case we took hanbot as a example and now we see the available options for it.




4. After buying the one you want you should either receive the code via mail in your main inbox or spam folder

if not you can always come to the forum and by hovering your mouse on the store you can access the Manage Purchases area and there you can easliy find the corresponding code to the order you made as shown below.



and then



PD: Remember Yasuo Hasakey is a paid script of hanbot and it requires you to have a subscription of Hanbot to use the script...

Another point to remember is that hanbot is detected and will always be detected.


if you buy Apex Ez get in touch with @DiegoT !!!!

if you buy Apex zH get in touch with @SMe !!!!

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