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  5. To help people on the forum always ask where do I find my key or I purchase a Key and can't find it 2 options you can do 1. Go to Store > Manage purchase > Key location 2. Email used in purchased "Check inbox and spam folder" After doing both those options you can use our Live chat for further help 😁
  6. Well, dont know where you downloaded Hanbot but on Hanbot.gg and on our end its safe and have no virus. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/3e23a935832f06be84f5c73168651dfbbf68abc9a187fafebbe55fb61d5db8d6/detection
  7. There is some suspicious activity on my end too. My computer fans start spinning up until task manager is opened - this is typical virus behavior. However, after I let Windows Defender quarantine the "false positive", this behavior vanished. Care to explain?
  8. Ofc there is no virus or something, its fale positive. PS: Windows defender sucks
  9. Did u guys srsly inject occamy into hanbot? Or is it a false positive? Please clarify :00
  10. Hello forum staff, just curious as to why this pops up when I download hanbot: http://prntscr.com/qpa7gr any clue as to why windows says that? Not going to use it until I'm sure whats happening I think. Thanks in advance<3 havent bought hanbot in a while so just a little concerned.
  11. Nick

    kr server bypass

    We dont support bypasses, so this is nothing we talk about here .
  12. Earlier
  13. Do you know where your products are sold?
  14. thanks to jaikor @🐰.👽. O.❌.J. 🍁.🔥.
  15. We already know about the link, will be fixed soon. Yes Kornis will be updated, add new things, fix thinks.
  16. I click on the discord link on the top right on the website and it doesn't lead me to their server. and is kornis aio frequently updated
  17. Visit Discord Moukanga been uploading his configs there
  18. anyone know the profile used for this montage from MouKanga? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msTbEg0OVl4
  19. you need to join their discord server https://discord.gg/XzPPmAC
  20. please help me How to deal with it
  21. K31X

    Smite scripts?

    MaybeI will install and play it, but it looks like a dead game to me.
  22. ArturWho

    Smite scripts?

    It's like LoL but instead of playing in the old MOBA style where you just see everything from above, you play it in the 3rd person perspective. You have to try it if you want to know if it's good I think because I like playing LoL but I think Smite is kind of boring eventhough it's the same or mostly the same gameplay.
  23. K31X

    Smite scripts?

    Is that game good? I never see it anywhere, not even once.
  24. ah never been aware that people need to cheat on smite but that cool 🙂 will look forward for it if some members interested on it
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