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  5. Distiny

    my best gay friend!

    1. MouKanga


      Love you too

  6. rap from Saudi Arabia xd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BOmJS_xO_A
  7. Fill out this form and post it in this Thread:Name in the Signature/Avatar: HyyerrWhat should be in it: Preferably a BMW M4, (Car I own)Size: ( Pixel * Pixel): The normal standard size for a Signature in forums, as well as a smaller profile pic as well if you can brother ❀️ Would LOVE this done, been looking for someone like you for ages xd
  8. My is Hi-Rez - We Want Change
  9. Could you hit me up on this forum or just add me on discord? Cryptonic#3450
  10. FatherATM


  11. Who knows... perhaps it was when hanbot was outdated due to mini patch.
  12. it works fine for me ... even when he made the post so idk , prob must be at his end .
  13. Is it working now? remember u can use the discord for quicker response.
  14. updated ill try it now
  15. also not working last few hours
  16. Any update on this?
  17. it wont inject since 2 hours before its working fine
  18. Lima

    Hanbot won't inject

    Always remember to check if you are selecting correct patch version for you server. If nothing happens, check if you are running the game in borderless/windowed mode. If not, close the hanbot, open a custom game without nothing injected and put the game in borderless/windowed, close the game and re-open with hanbot injected.
  19. You need to make sure your antivirus is not blocking the .exe... if you are sure your antivirus is not blocking it... you can send me a msg on discord DiegoT#0001
  20. https://gyazo.com/355c4eabcc5b9e0778b3157882527ca8 I dont see any errors when I execute the program
  21. I was playing normally today and everything was working, and thewn i went into a game and hanbot wasnt injecting (menu wasnt popping up) restarted my pc, downloaded RAR again and still nothing, i bought it 2 days ago so it should be fine and idk why its not working, any ideas?
  22. That one is the Zhex...
  23. hopefully today there be some upgrades on the HB server itself and it might help a bit also with the firewall part of cloudflare
  24. https://streamable.com/n4dny
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