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  3. as title says Would you guys be ? interested For cheat COD : Mobile Worth it ? Support: Rooted Andriod Mobile & Emulato
  4. SkilledBear


    JKSHOP Discord 🙂 u can find all of em there
  6. Earlier
  7. sharon91


    Bought Aimbuff how to get it? any discord? invite me pls SwaTik#5059
  8. lokaalipa

    update hanbot

    how long does it take to get it back undected asking just because of curiousity and was thinking about buying 7days sub but if its not undec its pointless to buy ^^
  9. SkilledBear


    there is hack skin in hanbot you can check the plugins in their website https://forum.hanbot.gg/
  10. Maniaq1989


    is a skins script possible? i mean skinchack assembly? sry for english xD
  11. Its all good, made a second account (this one im on rn) and for some reason it worked. But thanks anyways.
  12. Contact DiegoT#0001 i bet he might make it out for you
  13. Hey so usually I can pay with paypal anywhere but for some reason your site doesnt allow me to pay, paypal tells me that I have to add a bank account eventho I have one in and it workes everywhere else completely fine. Now my Question would be if I can just send the money to one of the admins or the owner, it will most likely work this way. Because it doesnt throught the website directly.
  14. Current Features :
    -Tracking Players in Realtime with Map Overview (TAB KEY)
    -Providing Realtime drop chances of Champions
    -Providing ingame Quantities of Champions on Overlay
    -Providing information when you can't get X champion from store anymore (This is for preventing wasting your gold to Reroll)

    Planned Features : 
    -Shop Overlay 
    -DPS Tracking per Champion
    -Unit Tiers
    -Tracking Players when they are stacking champions


    35.00 EUR

  15. DiegoT


    If you havent fixed it, please msg me
  16. terere


    Aimbuff not opening, i bought it.
    QuantumCheats - Apex Legends Cheat
    - Aimbot Settings -
    Bone (Head - Body)
    Distance ( 50 - 500 )
    Drop-Comp ( 100 - 999 )
    FOV Selection ( 1 - 50 )
    Ignore Downed Players
    No Spread
    Show FOV
    Smooth Selection ( 1 - 20 )
    Switch Bone
    Switch Aim Key
    Visible Only
    - Player ESP Features -
    Box ESP
    Chams ( Customizable R:G:B ) (https://gyazo.com/35f997e74a9806f5350b4b445e41c515)
    Head Dot ESP
    Health Bar ESP
    Shield Bar ESP
    Show Distance
    Show Names
    Max Distance ( 50 - 1000 )
    - Item ESP Features -
    Ammo ESP
    Attachments ESP
    Medical ESP
    Scopes ESP
    Throwables ESP
    Weapons ESP
    Wearables ESP
    Max Distance (10 - 200)
    - Misc Features -
    Show FPS
    Speed Hack (1.0 - 10.0)
    Unload Cheat


    68.00 EUR

  18. this is a paid script for Hanbot, but it requires that you own a Hanbot subscriptions previously !!!! 

    1.79 EUR

  19. I want to sell Korean reseller products.        

    Error#7777    <<<   Discord   Please add me a friend.
  20. SkilledBear


    no detection happened 🙂 also both is safe but internal is much better performance 🙂 feel free to PM DiegoT if you bought the cheat to get the loader and the key etc 🙂
  21. LagonPagon


    How long has the External and Internal been around for? Also, has there been any detections for either of these?
  22. [OWI - Internal Memory]
    •No pay2update (As long as slot is up-to-date)
    •Supports Any resolution
    •Support available 24/7 via Discord
    •User-friendly GUI
    •ESP-Wallhack box style or outline style, possible extend with HP / armor status and hero name
    •Support for colorblind modes
    •Save/Load Settings (Profiles are per hero)
    •Aim Key (When the aim key is pressed the aimbot will start aiming)
    •Extended Flick (continue flicking over enemy)
    •Return Flick (after flick return camera to previous location)
    •Auto Melee
    •Bone aim
    •Smart Delays
    •Visibility Check
    •Camera based aiming
    •Draw Field Of View
    •Panic Hotkey (Pause bot)
    •Multiple smoothing methods
    •Auto AFK


    87.00 EUR

  23. he asked which hack will not get him banned dude, can u answer the question
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