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    Find your Keys for any purchase

    By Minsu,

    To help people on the forum always ask where do I find my key or I purchase a Key and can't find it
    2 options you can do 

    1. Go to Store > Manage purchase >  Key location

    2. Email used in purchased "Check inbox and spam folder"

    After doing both those options you can use our Live chat for further help


    Windows detects a trojan virus?

    By liftie1,

    Hello forum staff, just curious as to why this pops up when I download hanbot: http://prntscr.com/qpa7gr any clue as to why windows says that? Not going to use it until I'm sure whats happening I think. Thanks in advance<3 havent bought hanbot in a while so just a little concerned.

    kr server bypass

    By qnqnqn36,
    Do you know where your products are sold?

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