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  1. Well, dont know where you downloaded Hanbot but on Hanbot.gg and on our end its safe and have no virus. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/3e23a935832f06be84f5c73168651dfbbf68abc9a187fafebbe55fb61d5db8d6/detection
  2. Ofc there is no virus or something, its fale positive. PS: Windows defender sucks
  3. Nick

    kr server bypass

    We dont support bypasses, so this is nothing we talk about here .
  4. thanks to jaikor @🐰.👽. O.❌.J. 🍁.🔥.
  5. We already know about the link, will be fixed soon. Yes Kornis will be updated, add new things, fix thinks.
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