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  1. You also can use internal Hanbot, it works really well
  2. Hanbot is working fine for me, so if any of you get the error again feel free to add me on Discord: Nick#7512 and send me a screenshot of your console.
  3. I guess its the script you used, send me a picture of the console
  4. Nick#7512

    Update Error

    Try it with VPN
  5. that sometimes happen, try to reopen hanbot or restart your pc, usually that will fix it. In case it isnt fixed, write me on discord: Nick#7512
  6. Nick#7512

    garena th

    Yes you can.
  7. Well, dont know where you downloaded Hanbot but on Hanbot.gg and on our end its safe and have no virus. https://www.virustotal.com/gui/url/3e23a935832f06be84f5c73168651dfbbf68abc9a187fafebbe55fb61d5db8d6/detection
  8. Ofc there is no virus or something, its fale positive. PS: Windows defender sucks
  9. We dont support bypasses, so this is nothing we talk about here .
  10. thanks to jaikor @?.?. O.❌.J. ?.?.
  11. We already know about the link, will be fixed soon. Yes Kornis will be updated, add new things, fix thinks.
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