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  1. rap from Saudi Arabia xd https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4BOmJS_xO_A
  2. -Head/Body : That's an option to change where the aimbot will lock. -Player name: It will display the player names on the ESP. ( You use at your risk ) -Show faraway : The ESP will show players that are far away from you. -Ignore Downed : It won't shoot players that got downed on Duos/Squads. -HP Bar : It will show in ESP a hit point bar that will help you to know your target's HP. -2D Box : It will show in Player ESP and box around the player that will help you to identify the distance and location of targets. -Player ESP : It will show your enemies behind the walls with draws of your choice. (Name, Box, HP bar, etc) -Aim closest : Your aimbot will give the preference to lock into the targets are closest to you. -FOV(Field of View) : Its the FOV of your aimbot. The highest the FOV the more targets it will focus enemies far away from you and the lowest FOV is, it will focus enemies closer to you PS : Low FOV's are very usable for legit plays. -Smooth AIM : It will lower the speed your aimbot lock to the target, making it more legit. -ESP distance : You can choose how long you want to see your targets/items ESP. -Main colors : Its a customizable menu for the Item ESP colors. You can choose for example what color you want to the ESP shows you all the Medicine items.
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