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  1. Hanbot is and will always be detected.
  2. DiegoT


    If you havent fixed it, please msg me
  3. JKShop EZ... then PM me on discord... DiegoT#0001
  4. Im going to PM you a link... the discord link is normally on the home page, but since we're still updating some stuff on the forum, the plugin needs to be adjusted.
  5. Who knows... perhaps it was when hanbot was outdated due to mini patch.
  6. Is it working now? remember u can use the discord for quicker response.
  7. You need to make sure your antivirus is not blocking the .exe... if you are sure your antivirus is not blocking it... you can send me a msg on discord DiegoT#0001
  8. That one is the Zhex...
  9. Im glad we have people like you in the community :) We're just starting, but in the future we will be giving rewards for people that help others
  10. Its the Apex Ez... You can see both videos and then decide if you would like to buy... if you do, you will have to contact me as soon as you purchase it. Remember that in order to purchase it, you need to buy the points and then go to members shop and redeem it.
  11. DiegoT

    Hanbot stream link

    Keep up with the good work ;)
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