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Well weΒ would like to say welcome to the new version of JKShop !! This project started long time ago, back then I used to resell some stuff and then after a time I joined the HB people and started to be their main re-seller together with my good friend @MrImpressive. the previous page was a simple page with a simple store, so there wasn't much to do as I wanted to also in some sort of way give people something in return ( the loyal people and the one that always bought stuff and really never did a charge back on PayPal ). But with the previous page this was a bit impossible for me to achieve, so after looking around I ended up doing this forum as it's way better to manage a community and also keep track of these loyal people. And same way as we will reward our loyal customers we will also punish the scammers ones πŸ˜‰


So weΒ now present you this new JKShop page/forum where not only weΒ will provide you with the stuff weΒ used to re-sell but weΒ will try to get some extra goodies. With this new page/forum, we also want to offer a better way of assisting you guys with support regarding the products we have to offer.


So this project is yet not 100% completed but it's at a decent state to be released and we willΒ keep on working to provide the best possible service weΒ can for you guys.


JKShop team

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