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  1. I want to sell Korean reseller products.Β  Β  Β  Β Β 

    Error#7777Β  Β  <<<Β  Β DiscordΒ  Β Please add me a friend.
  2. its about what u are looking for my friend, external for me is already a beast and mini internal is much more op it's like a external with some features of the internal not all ofc
  3. hopefully today there be some upgrades on the HB server itself and it might help a bit also with the firewall part of cloudflare
  4. I will here try to explain how to buy using this store 1. first open the store 2. Once in the store now on the right hand side select the category you wish to browse so you can easily filter out the different options available. 3. In this case we took hanbot as a example and now we see the available options for it. 4. After buying the one you want you should either receive the code via mail in your main inbox or spam folder if not you can always come to the forum and by hovering your mouse on the store you can access the Manage Purchases area and there you can easliy find the corresponding code to the order you made as shown below. and then PD: Remember Yasuo Hasakey is a paid script of hanbot and it requires you to have a subscription of Hanbot to use the script... Another point to remember is that hanbot is detected and will always be detected. if you buy Apex Ez get in touch with @DiegoT !!!! if you buy Apex zH get in touch with @SMe !!!!
  5. I'm setting this legend here so people can understand the meaning of the colors on the right side bar. Not reading is not a excuse !!!! GREEN = Updated & Undetected RED = Updated & Detected Blue = Unknown State or WIP ( Work In Progress ) Yellow = Update in progress
  6. Well we would like to say welcome to the new version of JKShop !! This project started long time ago, back then I used to resell some stuff and then after a time I joined the HB people and started to be their main re-seller together with my good friend @MrImpressive. the previous page was a simple page with a simple store, so there wasn't much to do as I wanted to also in some sort of way give people something in return ( the loyal people and the one that always bought stuff and really never did a charge back on PayPal ). But with the previous page this was a bit impossible for me to achieve, so after looking around I ended up doing this forum as it's way better to manage a community and also keep track of these loyal people. And same way as we will reward our loyal customers we will also punish the scammers ones ? So we now present you this new JKShop page/forum where not only we will provide you with the stuff we used to re-sell but we will try to get some extra goodies. With this new page/forum, we also want to offer a better way of assisting you guys with support regarding the products we have to offer. So this project is yet not 100% completed but it's at a decent state to be released and we will keep on working to provide the best possible service we can for you guys. Regards, JKShop team


Unlike other platforms, JKShop has been built from the ground up to cover every aspect of when it comes to selling cheats.
For the first time ever, all the content you could ever need is available in one place. With strong customer support and great products we are confident that you will choose JKShop for your next purchase!

24/7 Live Support

Without customers JKShop is nothing, so we strive to create the best experience for each of our customers. Just use the live chat in the bottom right corner if you need help!

Quality Over Quantity

If a developer doesn't care about his software, will it really be that good? No! Every product in JKShop has been rigorously tested and approved by the staff to ensure quality.

Great Community

This is kind of a weird concept when it comes to the world of cheating, but it's true. We have numerous mods who keep watch over our community to ensure everyone is treated with respect.

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