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  1. I get it. Don't mind getting banned just wanted to know what i was getting into, and i was informed by a mod it was undetected when the loader said it was detected? Not new to cheats, I just wanted to see what it was the status and for how long its been undetected. One thing is a perm detected cheat like hanbot, and a cheat gets detected and then gets worked on to go undetected. Just wanted a status. Thanks for the info tho. Much apreciated.
  2. Why does it say detected on the loader? https://gyazo.com/7eb9198a5fb4d97254be71aed6022ffe
  3. Is the EFT cheat undetectable? if not how long does an account last usually, and if yes for how long has the hack been undetected with no bans?
  4. anyone know the profile used for this montage from MouKanga? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msTbEg0OVl4
  5. anyone know any priv or semi-priv smite plat?
  6. https://gyazo.com/355c4eabcc5b9e0778b3157882527ca8 I dont see any errors when I execute the program
  7. I was playing normally today and everything was working, and thewn i went into a game and hanbot wasnt injecting (menu wasnt popping up) restarted my pc, downloaded RAR again and still nothing, i bought it 2 days ago so it should be fine and idk why its not working, any ideas?
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