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  1. Cheating is a cat and mouse game thats why you should always be aware of getting banned. We cant say when the cheat will be detected or for how long it will stay undetected. Also in general it can be that a cheat stays undetected for a long periode of time and then suddenly the users gets a game ban. Then when someone reports a ban we cant exactly say when the cheat got detected because it could be a delayed ban and therefore the status of the cheat changes to detected after a ban report eventhough it could have been detected earlier already. Well because it is de
  2. Like Nick already said. If you have downloaded hanbot from our homepage or from https://hanbot.gg/ then it is a false positive. Please read the whole topic... Kind regards ArturWho
  3. It's like LoL but instead of playing in the old MOBA style where you just see everything from above, you play it in the 3rd person perspective. You have to try it if you want to know if it's good I think because I like playing LoL but I think Smite is kind of boring eventhough it's the same or mostly the same gameplay.


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